Campers say -

  • "Camp helped me make new friends."
  • "Camp helped me get to know other campers who were different from me."
  • "Camp helped me feel good about myself."
  • "At camp, I did things I was afraid to do at first."
  • "Camp helped me get closer to GOD."

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Your sensational week at camp is packed with many "extras" like our popular campfire programs filled with great music and fantastic plays.  Morning devotionals, long talks with your cabin mates and the world's best counselors make your week personal and inspirational.

"Fun Times" takes place each night after dinner.  Campers and all staff are united for enthusiastic games.  Here campers can talk with staff, visit friends and enjoy some "good times."

A highlight for teen camps is the Teen Extravaganza with an unbelievable dinner on Thursday night.  Each year it features a different theme, the tastiest food and the finest in entertainment.  The excitement of the night continues with an extra special campfire program.