Fit for Life Camp (Ages 10-17)

What to Expect:

  • Wellness Orientation
  • Exercise Routines
  • Realistic Goals

We are excited about this 3-week program for health and fitness.  It is all about eating right and growing strong during the morning attraction and enjoying CSYC's activity rotations in the afternoon.  A staff of fitness fanatics along with more fresh foods than you can imagine, will help you discover how to live a fit life.  You will participate in food preparation and develop a sense of what your body wants and needs for optimum living.  One week is not enough to see the benefits!  This is for young people of all shapes and sizes who want to be fit for life!  Come join the CSYC Health Club!  

Fit for Life I:  June 10-24, 2018 (Ages 10-13)
Fit for Life II:  July 1- July 22, 2018  (Ages 13-17)