Medical Help & Safety

Cohutta Springs is proud of its safety record. We meet the requirements of American Camp Association (ACA) for medical supervision.  A registered nurse is available at the Camp Clinic 24 hours a day.  If the camper brings medications to camp, they must be brought in the original bottle and turned in to the nurse at Camper Check-in.  Our nurse will administer the medications at the designated times.  Cohutta Springs Youth Camp is not staffed to provide a full service Special Medical Needs program.

Important:  The camp health history form is now completed online.  Once your camper is registered, you will be able to open and complete the form.  You will receive an email reminder one week before camp which will also include a link to enter medications.  Please complete this information before arriving for camper check-in.  If you are unable to complete the online form, please contact our office for the hard copy form which must be brought with the camper to check-in.  

Please Note:  Camper registration includes limited accident insurance.  Health insurance remains the family's responsibility, i.e. flu, earaches, and other personal health issues.

Food Allergies

Campers with special dietary needs due to allergies is a challenge, especially with the volume of campers being served each meal.  We want all kids to be able to come to camp regardless of dietary needs.  Click the links below to download and print guidelines on how we can partner to do this.

Food Allergy - Parent Guidelines
Food Allergy - Camper Food List

Staff Selection

Great camps start with the best staff.  We never hire on a whim or perception, only with unquestioning recommendations of highly credible people who know them well.  Staff employment requires a formal application, three recommendation forms, and interview with the Camp Director.  A background check is run on each person hired.