RAD Camps

the ultimate

At "RAD Camps", concentrate on the specialty of your choice, all day, every day.  Enjoy your favorite activity to the "max"!

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2018 RAD Camp Schedule

June 10 - June 17
Paintball Camp I
June 10 - June 17 W.I.T. Camp I  15+up
June 10 - June 24 
Fit for Life I
June 17 - June 24
Ultimate RAD Camp 
June 17 - June 24 
Paintball Camp II
June 17 - June 24 S.I.T. Camp 15+up
June 17 - June 24 W.I.T. Camp II
June 24 - July 1
RAD Horse Trip
June 24 - July 1 Wakeboard Camp I
June 24 - July 1 C.I.T. Camp  15+up 
July 1 - July 8 Paintball Camp III 
July 1 - July 8 Golf Camp 13-17
July 1 - July 22 Fit for Life II 13-17
July 8 - July 15 Basketball Camp 13-17
July 8 - July 15 Whitewater/Kayak Camp 13-17
July 8 - July 15 W.I.T. Camp III 15+up 
July 15 - July 22
Wakeboard Camp II
July 15 - July 22
W.I.T. Camp IV 

Note:  If a RAD Camp does not reach the minimum required group size, it may be canceled.

Basketball Camp

Come to one of the best basketball camps in the Southeast! With hardwood basketball courts to drill, dribble, shoot and play on, this hoop camp will be hard to beat! This camp is open to guys and girls, at any level, who want to improve their game, develop a winning attitude and have a great time doing it. This is a camp you won’t want to miss!

LIMIT: 24 Guys, 12 Girls

Golf Camp

This is a real “hit” for golfers. If you are wanting to get into the “swing” of things, you will have a “ball” throughout the “course” of your week on the championship courses of Bear Trace, Indian Trace, Nob North. Chipping, putting and driving contests on Friday. Go for the prizes! Bring your own clubs or be prepared to rent a set for $40. Beginners are welcome.                                                

LIMIT: 10 per week

Paintball Camp

This popular RAD Camp is complete with equipment, safety gear and a ration of paintballs. (Additional paintballs will be available in the CSYC Mall.) Enjoy our woods course as you play this amazing game of paintball tag.
Limit: 14 per week 

RAD Horse Trip

Imagine you are a pioneer for one week. Just horses, super staff, good food and new friends. Expert guides and experienced horsemanship instructors will make this a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You will enjoy an outpost horse camp, tent camping and daily rides in the Cohutta Wilderness. This will undoubtedly be the best week of your summer. Please make arrangements with the camp office if you wish to bring your own horse. (Intermediate & advanced riders only.

Limit 10

SIT / CIT / WIT Camp

If you are interested in working at a summer camp some day, this is your chance to see what being a staff member is all about. You won’t be guaranteed a job, but we’ll get a chance to know you better and you’ll be better prepared to be successful in any workplace.
(Ages 15+up)
SIT -Staff in Training
LIMIT:  10                                                           
CIT-Counselor in Training
WIT-Wrangler in Training
LIMIT: 2 per week

Ultimate RAD Camp

This incredible camp combines activities like whitewater rafting, tubing, rock climbing and mountain biking. If you like the great outdoors of the Smoky Mountains and want a different experience every day, this camp’s for you! All equipment is included in the camp fee.

Wakeboard Camp

With the best equipment known to mankind (Air Nautique & Hyperlite), this “behind the boat rage” is a must. Spend your week wakeboarding morning and afternoon on Carters Lake. Our own expert instructors will amaze you and help you increase your skills dramatically. Come catch some air!




Whitewater / Kayak Camp

Our region provides some of the finest rivers in the country… they are practically in Cohutta’s back yard. Learn kayaking skills as well as experiencing the thrills of whitewater rafting. This new and exciting RAD Camp will include tent camping, unbelievable scenery and refreshing rivers. It will probably be the coolest week of your summer!